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My American Dream

Eugina Jordan, a CMO to watch, an award-winning author, and a technologist with 12 patents, who ascended the corporate ranks from receptionist to the C-suite, is an accomplished speaker and a powerful voice for B2B marketing, innovation, and leadership

Her remarkable journey is chronicled in her book, “UNLIMITED,” which is an inspiring resource for women, people of color, and immigrants striving to become leaders in corporate America. It also offers valuable insights to allies committed to shaping a more better future for all.

Eugina provides marketing, technology consulting, and advisory and speaking and keynotes on marketing, innovation, Gen AI for B2B, and leadership[

Public Speaking -- Global Keynote Speaker & Inspiring Storyteller

Eugina Jordan is a dynamic speaker on topics of leadership, B2B marketing, innovation, technology, AI and Gen AI.

She’s traveled the globe with her engaging and thought-provoking talks, seminars, book clubs, and workshops, leaving an indelible mark. Her passion lies in sharing knowledge.

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Leadership Development

Invite Eugina Jordan to host a workshop on leadership for your organization to help inspire your teams. Join a transformative journey led by Eugina Jordan, a trailblazing female immigrant executive who defied the odds and climbed the corporate ladder from a humble receptionist to the  C-suite. In this workshop, you’ll find empowerment and practical guidance to become a leader in your organization.