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My American Dream

Eugina Jordan, a female immigrant executive who ascended the corporate ranks from receptionist to the C-suite, is an accomplished speaker and a powerful voice for diversity and inclusion.

Her remarkable journey is chronicled in her book, “UNLIMITED,” which is an inspiring resource for women, people of color, and immigrants striving to become leaders in corporate America. It also offers valuable insights to allies committed to shaping a more diverse and inclusive future for all.

Eugina is open to sharing her inspirational story and practical frameworks through speaking engagements and DEI workshops, with a goal of fostering a more equitable and representative world for everyone.

Public Speaking -- Global Keynote Speaker & Inspiring Storyteller

Eugina Jordan is a dynamic speaker who’s on a mission to empower individuals worldwide. She’s traveled the globe with her engaging and thought-provoking talks, seminars, book clubs, and workshops, leaving an indelible mark. Her passion lies in sharing knowledge and helping others unleash their full potential no matter what they look like or where they are from.

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Leadership Development

Invite Eugina Jordan to host a workshop on leadership and DEI for your organization to help foster inclusivity and inspire diverse talent. Join a transformative journey led by Eugina Jordan, a trailblazing female immigrant executive who defied the odds and climbed the corporate ladder from a humble receptionist to the coveted C-suite. In this workshop, you’ll find inspiration, empowerment, and practical guidance to become a leader in corporate America, all while contributing to a more diverse and inclusive future for everyone.

Key Objectives

  • Inspiration and Empowerment: Discover the inspiration and tools necessary to empower women, people of color, immigrants, and their allies to step into leadership roles in corporate America.
  • Breaking Through Barriers: Uncover the strategies and mindset shifts required to overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential in your career.
  • Practical Guidance: Acquire practical tools and frameworks through journaling exercises that will enable you to apply the lessons learned in your professional journey.
  • Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Future: Understand how embracing diversity and inclusion is essential for shaping a more equitable workplace for all.

What You Will Learn

In this transformative Leadership and DEI Workshop, Eugina Jordan, a remarkable female immigrant executive, provides guidance for your journey:

  • Unique Perspective: Eugina’s extraordinary journey offers a distinctive viewpoint, helping you relate to the challenges faced by underrepresented individuals. Coupled with actionable resources, you will have the inspiration and tools to craft your own career plan.
  • Taking Ownership: Learn how to take responsibility for your success, break free from self-imposed limitations, and refuse to play the victim, ultimately asking yourself, “Why not me?”
  • Success Stories: This workshop showcases inspiring success stories from a diverse range of industries, illustrating how individuals shattered limitations based on their background, gender, or race to reach executive levels.
  • Practical Tools: The workshop provides practical tools and frameworks to help you apply these lessons in your own career, equipping you with the means to overcome obstacles in self-awareness, negotiation, talking about accomplishments, building the newtork and reach your full potential.
  • Changing the Face of Leadership: Eugina’s hope is to change the face of leadership by bringing more diversity to the workplace, and this workshop serves as a powerful catalyst for this change.
  • Allyship: If you are an ally, this workshop will show you how you can contribute to shaping a more diverse and inclusive future for all of us.


Eugina Jordan’s passion for helping individuals achieve their full potential shines through in this workshop, making it an inspiring and transformative experience for anyone seeking to break through barriers and shape a more diverse and inclusive future for all. It is your roadmap to disrupting the status quo and achieving success in the corporate world while fostering a more equitable workplace.